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10 Best Late-Night Snacks for Weight Loss

10 Best Late-Night Snacks for Weight Loss

What is one of the best things about unwinding at night while catching up on your beloved television shows? Obviously, accompanied by refreshments. The only exception to this rule is when dieting to lose weight, in which case you must choose your late-night munchies carefully.

A study published in Nutrition Research found that late-night snacks tend to be higher in calories and are associated with greater weight gain than earlier-in-the-day snacks.

The good news is, according to a 2023 review published in the journal Nutrients, snacking can help you lose weight just as much as it can hinder you. While unhealthy munchies can significantly increase caloric intake and may contribute to obesity, healthy snacks can help people meet their recommended intake of fruit, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and in some cases may even reduce waist circumference.

1 Frozen Banana Chocolate Bites

Best Late-Night Snacks for Weight Loss

If you’re looking for something that will satisfy your yearning for something pleasantly sweet, give them a try. These delectable chocolate treats have only 15 calories per serving and can be whipped up in a flash. In addition, because they are frozen, you won’t be able to consume them as rapidly as you would other types of sweets.

An additional perk? Even if you consume the entire dish, you will still have consumed a nutritious dessert that has seven grams of protein, four grams of fiber, and bloat-busting potassium from the bananas and the yogurt.

2 Pistachios

Best Late-Night Snacks for Weight Loss

When you get hungry for something salty and crunchy late at night, pistachios are an excellent choice to satisfy that want. In addition to this, they will not play havoc with the size of your waistline.

You won’t experience an energy high followed by a crash that will send you running to the kitchen in quest of sugar for a quick pick-me-up because they are a wonderful source of satisfying fiber and protein.

You also avoid the sugar crash that you would experience if you ate cookies, which would cause your blood sugar to surge and then crash, as well as cause the release of cortisol, the hormone that causes belly fat and could wake you up in the middle of the night.

In addition, these delectable nuts include antioxidants, which have been shown to help reduce inflammation, a factor that is frequently associated with increased body fat.

3 Blackberries

Best Late-Night Snacks for Weight Loss

When you get hungry in the middle of the night and rush to the kitchen for a snack, make sure you have some blackberries stored in the refrigerator. This fruit is naturally sweet, has a low-calorie count, is high in antioxidant content, and does not include any added sugar.

If you want to cut down on the number of calories you consume after midnight, choose blackberries over candy or other sweets.

4 Frozen Yogurt Bark with Berries

Best Late-Night Snacks for Weight Loss

Each individual piece of this nutritious frozen yogurt bark contains only 18 calories. It will absolutely take the edge off for something that is crunchy, sweet, sour, and creamy all at the same time!

Additionally, the consumption of yogurt is connected with lower levels of visceral fat. Pomegranates and blueberries both include powerful antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation, which is one of the factors that might make it more difficult to lose weight.

5 Popcorn

Best Late-Night Snacks for Weight Loss

A fun and easy snack, popcorn is a great option for a late-night splurge because of its simplicity. This deliciously crispy snack is not only rich in fiber but will also keep you full for a long time. Just 31 calories are contained in each cup of air-popped popcorn.

According to the findings of one study, eating 15 calories worth of popcorn will have the same satiating effect as eating 150 calories worth of chips.

Just be careful not to add oil or butter to your popcorn because doing so can add hundreds of extra calories to your meal.” Instead, choose for spices like cinnamon, paprika, garlic powder, or any of the other myriad options that are calorie-free and beneficial to the immune system. Alternately, you might sprinkle some Everything Bagel spice on top.”

6 Hardboiled Eggs

Best Late-Night Snacks for Weight Loss

Eggs boiled in water can be enjoyed at any meal of the day. They are simple snacks that each provide six grams of protein and will prevent you from feeling hungry for longer. “People associate eggs with a meal, so when you have it as a snack, it mentally feels like you’re having more.

In addition, according to the Satiety Index, which ranks foods according to how full they make you feel after eating them, eggs have a high ranking. An egg, on the other hand, will satisfy your sweet tooth without priming it for further treats of the same kind. Just give it a light dusting of turmeric and pepper or a dash of salt and pepper, and you’re good to go.

Eggs will be ready to eat whenever you want them if you boil enough of them at the beginning of the week.

7 Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Rolls

Best Late-Night Snacks for Weight Loss

Let’s get to the chase: chocolate and peanut butter together create the most satisfying flavor profile. The chocolate peanut butter energy rolls. Are not only delicious but also beneficial, as they feature “built-in portion control.” The most exciting part? They just have 92 calories and no additional sugar was added to them.

“You can sink your teeth into them and enjoy them without worrying that you’ll overeat them. The trick is to prepare them and then place them in the freezer as soon as possible. You can’t just eat them on the spur of the moment when you pull them out of the freezer because they’re too tough to bite into. You’ll break a tooth if you take one out of the freezer and immediately try to bite into it. Believe us, we put forth the effort! Therefore, remove just one from the freezer, allow it to thaw, and savor it.

8 Kiwis

Best Late-Night Snacks for Weight Loss

Not only are they good for you consider them to be a “waistline-friendly alternative to Sweetarts.” What do you think of it for a snack so late at night? In point of fact, eating one entire kiwi only adds up to roughly 84 calories, but it also provides four grams of fiber.

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